Over the course of seven weeks, you will be concurrently enrolled in Mindful Acting 2 and Mindful Yoga 2, where you will implement and expand upon our Foundations course.

In Mindful Acting 2, we will begin to exercise more practical applications with  monologue and scenes through select actor-centric guided meditations and exercises that aims to integrate your individuality into the text. 

In Mindful Yoga 2, we will further expand upon physical integration through actor-specific yoga practices that aims to challenge your mind body and spirit, revealing more about your humanity.

Advanced will conclude with an extended audition prep session that aims to  integrate your artistry into the industry. 

In order to foster an ensemble mindset, attendance is expected unless otherwise communicated by your instructor. 

Additionally, you will be provided with a  seven week subscription to Artist Wellness. (Attendance is optional)

Current Class Dates: Coming soon.


Mindful Acting 2                $ 170

Mindful Yoga 2                  $ 170

7-Week Actor Wellness     $ 52

Total.                                $ 385

Advanced Price               $ 320

Savings                                $ 65