Over the course of six weeks, you will be concurrently enrolled in Mindful Acting 1 and Mindful Yoga 1, where you will be introduced to the fundamentals of our approach as it relates to your artistry.

In Mindful Acting 1, we will collaborate as an ensemble to discover and embrace the intricacies of our individual humanity through our carefully crafted exercises that includes sessions of guided meditation, text integration, and ensemble awareness. 

In Mindful Yoga 1, we will incorporate the physical body into the training with familiar terminology that aims to expand your mind, body, and spirit through actor-specific yoga practices. 

In order to foster an ensemble mindset, attendance is expected unless otherwise communicated by your instructor. 

Additionally, you will be provided with a six week subscription to Artist Wellness. (Attendance is optional)


Mindful Acting 1                $ 150

Mindful Yoga 1                  $ 150

6-Week Actor Wellness     $ 45

Total.                               $ 345

Foundations Price           $ 280

Savings                              $ 65